VietNam Blues

Kris Kristofferson
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by Dave Dudley
I was out on the leave at the time just duckin' the fog
Nosin' around like a hungry dog
In that crazy place called: Washington DC

I saw a crowd of people on the White House lawn
all carrying signes about VietNam
So I went over to see what was goin' on
It was a strange looking bunch..
but then I never could understand some people…

Oh a fellow came to me with a list in his hand
He said we're gatherin' names to send
The telegram of sympathy.. then he handed me a pen

I said I reckon this is goin' to kids and wives
My friends over there who're givin' their lives
He said ah ah buddy this is goin' to Ho-Chi-Min.

I said Ho-Chi, who? He said Ho-Chi-Min,
People's leader North VietNam..

Oh I wasn't really sure I was hearin' him right
I though I'd better move before I got in a fight
'Cause my ears were hurtin' and my ball started hit my lick

Then I thought of another telegram that I've just read
Tellin' my buddy's wife that her husband was dead
It wasn't too long till I was feelin' downright sick.

Another held the sign that said we won't fight
I thought to myself boy ain't that right
To leave a lot of our soldiers die instead.

I said it's a shame that every man
who ever died up there that far off land
Was dyin' for that you wouldn't have to wake up dead

Course he looked at me like I was kinda crazy …just another warmonger..
Oh I left that place and I went downtown
and hit first bar that I'd found
To cool myself off and pacify my brain.

You see I was on orders to VietNam
little old place just north to Saigon
Had about an hour to catch myself a plane

So all I mean to say is I don't like dyin' either
But, man, I ain't gonna crawl.

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