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Singel MNW46S / "Fri Information" /
"Hoola Bandoola Band 1971 - 76" /
"Hoola Bandoola Band 1971 - 1976" /
"Wiehe - 30 sånger" /
"Ingenting förändras av sig själv" / "Sånger i tiden"
"Hoola Bandoola Band - Samlade 1971 - 1976" /
"Aldrig bli som ni, CD 2" /
"Hoola Bandoola Band 1971 - 2011":

Mikael Wiehe: sång, akustisk gitarr, flöjt / canto, chitarra acustica, flauto / singing, acoustic guitar, flute / chant, guitare acoustique, flûte / laulu, akustinen kitara, huilu
Björn Afzelius: kör / coro / choir / chœur / kuoro
Povel Randén: kör, akustisk gitarr / coro, chitarra acustica / choir, acoustic guitar / chœur, guitare acoustique / kuoro, akustinen kitara
Arne Franck: elbas / basso elettrico / el bass / basse électrique / sähköbassi
Per-Ove "Muffe" Kellgren: trummor / percussioni / drums / percussions / rummut

Inspelad och mixad i MNW:s studio i Waxholm
av Tommy Berkert, augusti 1975
Registrato e mixat c/o Studio MNW, Waxholm
da Tommy Berkert, agosto 1975
Recorded and mixed at MNW Studio, Waxholm
by Tommy Berkert, August 1975
Enregistrée et mixée au Studio MNW de Waxholm
par Tommy Berkert, Août 1975


On 11 September 1973 General Augusto Pinochet took power in Chile in a coup supported by the CIA and the American company ITT refrigerator. The year after I wrote the song about the murdered Chilean theater man and troubadour Victor Jara. Before this year's tour and the 40th anniversary of the military coup, I thought it was the right time to take up the song of Victor Jara again. At the same time, I was hesitant. Would the younger part of my audience feel left out if I started talking about something that happened long before before they were born? Would they think that there was possibly more topical issues to address?
Personally, I think that Victor Jara despite his age is one of my absolute most current songs!
Not just for the eight soldiers who took turns to torment killed Victor Jara now, forty years later, has finally been brought to justice. Not only for the students, demonstrating in Santiago for a fairer education system open to all, singing his songs.
Not only because the Mapuche Indians in southern Chile, which fights against the big international forest companies' theft of their lands, sings his songs.

The song is current to the military coup in Chile in 1973, as Naomi Klein rightly points out in her book The Shock Doctrine, to an extreme degree has shaped and still shape the times we live in!
One of the first things General Pinochet did when he took power was to call in a group of young economists - disciples of the then still relatively unknown Chicago economist Milton Friedman - and allow them to test his economic ideas.
The ideas go very briefly on tearing the social context that binds people together, from soccer clubs, trade unions and political parties to jointly-run schools, hospitals, railways, etc. Insurance and social safety nets must be removed. The aim is simply to smash compassion, love and solidarity and force individuals, reduced to their economic interests, like gladiators fighting against each other on the unlimited and deregulated market arena. So, the elite and upper class in the stands, with wealth, contacts and knowledge of how to superfast can move money with computers, enrich themselves at the expense of struggling. One can also see it as a top class struggle against the achievements of the working class in parts of the developed world struggled after the Second World War.
Milton Friedman's "Chicago Boys" had a free hand. Those who sat resisted took Pinochet and his executioners care of: 3000 killed, 30,000 tortured, hundreds of thousands driven into exile. (40,000 only to Sweden!) Swedish ambassador in Chile, Harald Edelstam, managed, in a way reminiscent of Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest in 1944, tearing a few hundred people from the jaws of death. (This is the silent in Sweden because you do not want to embarrass the superpower United States.) Neoliberalism, as Milton Friedman's economic theories came to be named, was born in fascism, murder, terror and torture!
1976 Milton Friedman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Sweden's honor was saved by those who despite intense police surveillance protested, even inside the concert hall, the awarding of the prize.
Conservative politicians regarded Milton Friedman's economic policies as successful. US President Ronald Reagan took Milton Friedman adviser and sounded like one of his first actions dismissing 11,000 strikers US air traffic controllers. It would be no trade unions come to believe that they had something to say!
Britain's Margaret Thatcher was also delighted. One of her first acts as prime minister was to smash the British miners' unions and the bus and police dogs on the striking miners starving wives and children. As she put it: "There is no such thing as a society." When her brutal methods did not receive the popular support she had expected, she went to war with Argentina over the Falkland Islands / Malvinas to defend an old, musty colonial dream. As one of her Swedish fan said after her death: "She did it again allowed to wave the British flag." Yes, for the price of just over nine hundred young English and Argentine boys life!
The neo-liberal ideas also spread to Sweden. In the late 1970s formed the Swedish Employers' Confederation, SAF, current Swedish Enterprise, a secret task force led by Sture Eskilsson with the task of preaching the new gospel. Many still remember their first campaign "Invest in Yourself" by ABBA's Annifrid Lyngstad as the main poster child. Egoism was in first place. Clearer could essence of neoliberalism message probably should not have been formulated.
When Carl Bildt became prime minister in 1991, he praised neoliberalism as "the only way". When, after the bourgeois election victory in 2006 was Secretary of State under Fredrik Reinfeldt, he allowed himself to be interviewed in Dagens Nyheter. There, he expressed his admiration for and delight that occasionally make conversation with Henry Kissinger and share his experiences. Henry Kissinger was the man behind the coup in Chile and many other coups in Latin America. He also, according to the English journalist Christopher Hitchens, organized coups, mass murder, and support for dictatorships in Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, East Timor and Cyprus. Henry Kissinger hesitated to go to Margaret Thatcher's funeral for fear of being arrested for crimes against humanity as happened Augusto Pinochet when he visited London in 1998. The Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón then managed to get Pinochet arrested and imprisoned for a year and a half before his old admirer and friend managed to get him released and sent back to Chile. Old friend? Margaret Thatcher, of course! And Henry Kissinger, then, the man that Swedish Foreign Minister puts such a large price to meet. Luckily, Carl Bildt, was not foreign minister in the 1940s. One can only speculate as to whom he had expressed his admiration for.
Sweden is said to be the European country that has gone furthest in terms of neoliberal "reforms". Taking developments in eg schools, healthcare, postal and train you can clearly see the influence of Milton Friedman. In the current conservative alliance has politicians Christian Democrats Ebba Busch, Moderates former party secretary Sofia Arkelsten, and the Centre Party's current leader Annie Lööf, expressed his admiration for Margaret Thatcher.
The legacy of the coup in Chile forty years ago is thus very much alive! After the big companies move to Asia, primarily China with its underpaid and tightly disciplined labor, and economic breakdown in Europe, the EU has with the neoliberal ideas as weapons launched an attack on democracy in Europe. First, against Greece, then Italy and later Cyprus And now when uniformed right-wing extremists march in the streets of European cities or sitting in the parliaments of European countries at risk of neoliberalism to end as it began - in fascism, murder, terror and torture.
So I have sung the song of Victor Jara in all my concerts this year and my audience - both young and old - have understood exactly why. - Mikael Wiehe

Simon och Garfunkels "El condor pasa" gjorde mig intresserad av latinamerikansk musik. Militärkuppen i Chile 1973 då Augusto Pinochet tog makten med stöd från CIA och kylskåpsföretaget ITT påverkade mig politiskt nästan mer än Vietnamkriget.
Bob Dylans sång om John Wesley Harding inspirerade mig att skriva en sång om den mördade chilenske sångaren Victor Jara.
Texten var för mig ett experiment i "latinamerikanskt", romantiskt språkbruk. Men också mina studier i Chiles ekonomiska historia lyser igenom i "gruvornas gångar", "fullmogna frukter", "vajande säd" och "fiskarnas nät".
När jag turnerade med Lisa Ekdahl sommaren 1994 berättade hon att hon, när hon hörde sången som barn, hade undrat varför "tung som en sten" var bättre en "lätt som en fjäder". En fjäder var ju mycket vackrare än en sten! Jag tvingades erkänna att det är en omskrivning av ett uttalande av Mao Tse Tung 1944: "Att dö för folket väger tyngre än Taiberget, men att arbeta för fascisterna och dö för exploatörerna och förtryckarna väger lättare än ett fjun." (F.ö. har jag aldrig varit maoist.)
"Victor Jara" kom ut som baksida på en singel. Framsidans uppmaning att "Stoppa matchen" gällde Sveriges Davis cup-match mot Chile i Båstad 1975.
Jag har spelat sången på otaliga solidaritetsmöten för Chile, bl.a. på Konserthuset i Stockholm 1974 med Joan Jara, Victors fru, på scenen och Tage Erlander och Olof Palme i salongen. Den socialdemokratiska publiken hyssjade på mig när jag talade om den svenska regeringens hyckleri när den under Allendes regeringstid vägrade importera chilensk koppar.
Henry Engler, tidigare militär kommendant i Tupamarosgerillan i Uruguay översatte 1989 sången till spanska och Björn Afzelius sjöng den för dom politiska fångarna i Santiagos Centralfängelse vid sitt besök i Chile 1990.
När Ricardo Lagos, den första socialistiske presidenten efter Salvador Allende, installerades i mars 2000 var jag en av hans inbjudna gäster. (Kommentar från "Sånger i tiden", 2001)

Den 11 september 1973 tog general Augusto Pinochet makten i Chile genom en kupp understödd av USA. Den kände teatermannen och sångaren Victor Jara var en av de tiotusentals chilenare som spärrades in på Chilestadion i Santiago där han liksom många andra torterades och sedan mördades. (Läs Joan Jaras bok "Victor – en sång utan slut".) År 2003 - trettio år efter militärkuppen - döptes arenan om till Victor Jara-stadion. (Kommentar från "Hoola Bandoola Band - Samlade 1971 - 1976", 2004)

"Detta är en lycklig dag för Chiles kultur." Det sade Nelson Caucoto i fredags sedan åtal hade väckts mot den pensionerade översten i armén Mario Manriquez Bravo. Caucoto företräder den chilenske sångaren Victor Jaras änka, Joan Turner, som i 31 år kämpat för klarhet i hur maken dog.
Victor Jara var en av Chiles mest populäre sångare och greps vid militärkuppen i Chile i september 1973. Han torterades på en sportarena innan han sköts ihjäl.
(Arbetaren nr 51-53, 2004)
Det finns många som gör konster och krumsprång för dom som har makten.
Och det finns många som fjäskar för smulor ifrån de härskandes bord.
Men du valde din väg, du sjöng för dom många.
Och du struntade i dom mäktigas löften och dom härskandes hot.
Ja, Victor Jara, du gav ord åt dom fängslades längtan till frihet,
och åt dom plågades tro på en framtid där bara folket har makt.
Och du gav styrka och mod åt dom förtrampades drömmar,
men mot dom rika och få sjöng du ut ditt förmakt.
Men om framtiden är som ett träd vi har planterat i jorden,
och ifall friheten är som den sprödaste, sköraste ros,
måste vi väpna oss väl för att försvara det svaga,
vi måste värna det mot dom som vill krossa det som spirar och gror.
Dom förtvivlade säger att döden är lika för alla,
men det är väl sannare att säga att man kan dö på samma sätt som man har levt.
Och att dö för förtjänst, det väger lätt som en fjäder,
men att dö för sitt folk, det väger tungt som en sten.
Victo Jara, dina sånger ska eka i gruvornas gångar,
och som fullmogna frukter ska dom eka ifrån plantagernas träd.
Som vajande säd ska dom bölja över fälten,
och som fiskarna i vattnet ska dom fastna i fiskarnas nät.
Ja, Victor Jara, Victor Jara, dina sånger ska inte bli glömda.
Från gitarr till gitarr ska dom spridas över stad och land.
Dom ska vagga oss till sömns, när våra nätter blir långa.
Dom ska marschera med oss, när dagen är här.
Victor Jara mördades av Chilejuntan 1973.

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2005/8/19 - 20:12

Language: Italian

Versione italiana di Riccardo Venturi
17 novembre 2005

Ci sono molti che fanno salti e capriole per quelli che hanno il potere.
E ci sono molti che sbavano per le briciole ai tavoli dei dominatori.
Ma tu hai scelto la tua strada e hai cantato proprio di quei molti.
E te ne sei fregato delle promesse dei potenti e delle minacce dei dominatori.
Sì, Victor Hara, hai dato parola agli aneliti di libertà degli imprigionati,
e alla fede dei torturati in un futuro dove solo il popolo abbia il potere.
E hai dato forza e coraggio ai sogni dei calpestati,
ma contro i ricchi e i pochi hai cantato con tutta la tua forza.
Ma se il futuro è come un albero che abbiamo piantato nella terra,
e se la libertà è come la rosa più fragile e delicata,
allora dobbiamo ben armarci contro ogni debolezza,
contro quelli che vogliono schiacciare ciò che germoglia e cresce.
I disperati dicono che la morte è uguale per tutti,
ma è più vero dire che si può morire allo stesso modo in cui si è vissuti.
E morire meritatamente è più leggero di una piuma,
ma morire per il proprio popolo è più pesante di un macigno.
Victor Jara, le tue canzoni risuoneranno nelle gallerie delle miniere,
e, come frutti ben maturi, echeggeranno dagli alberi delle piantagioni.
Si muoveranno sui campi come grano ondeggiante al vento,
e come i pesci nell’acqua s’impiglieranno nelle reti dei pescatori.
Sì, Victor Jara, Victor Jara, le tue canzoni non saranno dimenticate.
Da una chitarra all’altra si spanderanno per le città e i paesi.
Ci culleranno il sonno quando le nostre notti diverranno lunghe.
Marceranno assieme a noi quando sarà venuto il giorno.
Victor Jara è stato ucciso dalla giunta militare cilena nel 1973.

2005/11/17 - 20:06

Language: English

English Translation by Roger Hinchliffe from the official site of Mikael Wiehe

There are too many jesters and fools who flatter the mighty
and too many dandies who'll dance for the crumbs from their feasts
But you chose to sing to the hearts of your people
regardless of the money or the threats from your patrons and priests
Victor Jara, you asserted the prisoners' yearning for freedom
and the victims' belief in a world where justice belongs
You gave courage and strength to the downtrodden dreamers
but the governing few you scorned in your songs

But if the future is like a young tree we have lovingly planted
and if liberty is like a fragile and delicate rose
We must arm ourselves well to defend the defenceless
We must shield them from those who's trample what's struggling to grow
The desperate will tell you that death is the same to us all
but to tell you the truth you can die in the same way you live
If you die getting rich, your fate's as light as a feather
but if you die for the poor, what more can your life give?

Victor Jara, your songs will ring out in the echoing mineshafts
Like ripe fruit they'll be gathered on farms as the autumn sun sets
They will drift with the wind over billowing wheat fields
and like fish in the ocean they will fasten in the fishermen's nets
Victor Jara, your songs will be sung, they will not be forgotten
From guitar to guitar ‘round the world they will ramble and roam
They will lull us to sleep when our nights are uneasy
They'll be marching with us in the morning to come

Contributed by dq82 - 2017/3/21 - 10:14

Language: Spanish

Spanish translation by Henry Engler from the official site of Mikael Wiehe

Muchos son los que fingen y engañan por aquellos que mandan
y por migajas adulan al rico y a los que tienen poder,
mas tu camino fué, el cantarle a los pobres,
y ni amenazas ni falsas promesas te pudieron vencer.
Si, Victor Jara, tu fuiste la voz de los encarcelados
por soñar un futuro en que el pueblo tenga todo el poder,
y diste fuerza y valor, a los sueños pisados,
mas contra el rico cantaste todo tú desdén.

Mas si el futuro es igual como un árbol plantado en la tierra
y como rosa muy frágil y suave la libertad es,
por defender lo más débil, empuñemos las armas
contra aquellos que aplastan con odio lo que quiere crecer .
Dice el hombre sin fé que la muerte es igual para todos,
Pero por cierto que hay modos diferentes de morir y vivir:
y morir por ganancias, pesa igual que una pluma,
mas morir por el pueblo, vale mas que el vivir.

Desde el oscuro socavón de la mina sonarán tus canciones
y como frutas maduras del árbol se han de recoger,
como granos dorados, poblarán los trigales
y serán como peces que atrapa el pescador en su red.
Si, Victor Jara, Victor Jara, tus canciones no habrán de olvidarse,
y volarán de guitarra en guitarra sobre campo y ciudad.
Y mecerán nuestros sueños, si las noches son largas,
y cuando llegue la aurora, nos acompañarán.

Contributed by dq82 - 2017/3/21 - 10:15

Language: Finnish

Traduzione finlandese / Finnish translation / Traduction finnoise / Finsk översättning / Suomennos: Juha Rämö

On monia, jotka tekevät temppuja ja hyppivät ilmaan vallanpitäjien mieliksi.
Ja on monia, jotka tekevät kaikkensa haaliakseen muruja heidän pöydistään.
Mutta sinä valitsit tiesi, sinä lauloit monille
ja vähät välitit mahtimiesten lupauksista ja vallanpitäjien uhkauksista.
Niin, Victor Jara, sinä annoit sanat vangittujen vapaudenkaipuulle
ja kiusattujen uskolle tulevaisuuteen, jossa vain kansalla on valta.
Ja sinä annoit voimaa ja rohkeutta sorrettujen unelmille,
mutta rikkaita ja valittuja sinä kuritit lauluillasi.
Mutta jos tulevaisuus on kuin puu, jonka istutamme maahan
ja vapaus kuin haurain ja hennoin ruusu,
meidän on varustauduttava hyvin puolustaaksemme heikkoja
niitä vastaan, jotka haluavat murskata sen, mikä itää ja versoo.
Toivonsa menettäneet sanovat, että kuolema on samanlainen kaikille,
mutta todempaa kai on sanoa, että voi kuolla niin kuin on elänytkin.
Ja kuoleminen kunnian puolesta painaa vaakakupissa kuin höyhen,
mutta kuoleminen kansan puolesta kuin kivi.
Sinun laulusi ovat kaikuva kaivosten tunneleissa, Victor Jara,
ja hedelmien lailla ne ovat kypsyvä plantaasien puissa.
Kuin heilimöivä vilja ne ovat tuleentuva pelloilla,
ja kuin kalat vedessä tarttuva kalastajien verkkoihin.
Sinun laulusi eivät unohdu, Victor Jara.
Kitaran kieliltä toisille ne leviävät kyliin ja kaupunkeihin.
Ne tuudittavat meidät uneen, kun yöt käyvät pitkiksi.
Ne marssivat rinnallamme, kun aika koittaa.
Chilen sotilasjuntta murhasi Victor Jaran 1973.

Contributed by Juha Rämö - 2018/7/4 - 09:05

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