The Preacher, The Rabbi And The Slave

Adhamh Roland
Language: English

Lyrics by Mark Gunnery, Brenna Sahatjian and Adhamh Roland
Music: to the tune of Joe Hill's "The Preacher And The Slave"
Album: You're Alive
The white preacher comes on the radio
He know what's wrong and he think ya should know
He blames all our problems on immigrants womyn and gays
And to the rest of you all he will say:

You will eat by and by
When you learn to assimilate and get in line
Melt in our pot it's good and hot
And you'll get pie in the sky when you die -That's a lie!

The rabbi at the orthodox synagogue
Will tell you Arabs are lower than dogs
And Israel is doin' just fine
'cause there's never been a place called Palestine

And you will eat by and by
TV dinners as you tune into their lies
Palestinians only die form suicide
It's not like their home is being occupied -That's a lie!

The pope at the Vatican in Rome
Don't want you to use condoms or birth control
And if you go and get yourself knocked up
You better get hitched and give birth or you'll be fucked.

And you will fry by and by
While your aborted babies eat pie in the sky
They'll be there giving you that fetal stare
And you'll miss out on all the pie -That's quite a shit!

Stay in your country and don't take our jobs
Why don't you work in your local sweatshops?
We hear you got lots of jobs there at home
Now that our factories have moved to Mexico.

And you will eat by and by
GMO corn full of pesticides
The NAFTA farms will keep you starved
But you'll eat pie in the sky when you die -That's a lie!

Oppressed peoples of the world unite!
Side by side we for freedom shall fight
There's a world worth of justice to win
And while we're doing it we're gonna sing

We will eat by and by
When we tear down the walls and fences from both sides
Free the land, damn the man
No borders! No bosses! No chain -of command!

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