Ari Lesser
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The Hippie
(Ari Lesser)

Lyrics by Ari Lesser
Fuck Wal-mart, Budweiser, T-Mobile, and the gap.
I'm sick of all these advertisements selling useless crap.
Using special effects, along with corny humor,
To turn every one of us into a consumer.

Featuring air-brushed models, that make us feel insecure,
To make us buy some product which everyday seems more obscure.
Like an SUV that you can use to mow your lawn,
There's only 90 million left. You'd better get one, before their gone.

You don't really need love from your family, or your friends,
You can get everything you need from a new Mercedes Benz.
So go buy some new clothes, jewellery, and some other shit that's crappy.
Cause in our material world it doesn't matter if you're happy.

Actually it does! If you're sad, you must be sick!
But pop a couple Zoloft's, that should do the trick.
Nobody will see through your drug induced smile,
So call now, and ask today for your free trial!
We're getting everyone hooked on pharmaceutical medication.
If you aren't happy all the time, and want erectile stimulation,
If you're fat, ugly, stupid, depressed, or hyperactive,
Take our miracle drug, and you'll be instantly attractive!

Side effects may include:
Back pains, bad breath, nausea, vomiting, impatience, and death.
So if you hate yourself, and want to be somebody new,
Call your doctor now, and ask if this drug's right for you.
Fuck Fischer, and her fellow pharmaceutical thugs.
Making millions, and millions of dollars, dealing drugs.
Curing your diseases that before were never there.
But then you saw their ad, and you were suddenly aware.
I'm not perfect, like those people on the tube.
Cause I'm not ripped like G.I. Joe, and I don't have massive boobs.
My hair's not blond, and my eyes aren't blue, and I don't have a car at all,
Let alone one that's new.

So, I decided that I'd buy one, and wow it's really cool.
I spent more money that I had on it, so I can't afford school.
Plus I got breast implants, than I got a breast reduction.
Bought colored contacts, dyed my hair, than got some liposuction.
That wasn't enough so I'm also anorexic, AND bulimic.
People often ask if I'm ok.
Or think that I'm anemic.
But I know that I'm beautiful, just like people on TV.
And everyone who talks behind my back, just wants to be me.
I'm in debt up to my eye balls, but I need a few more things.
Some gold chains, and diamond earrings... my essential bling.
Plus I need a case of miller light, if I wanna have some fun.
And I'd better get some Nike Shox if I wanna run.

I wear axe body spray, so girls chase me down the street.
Than since I'm broke I'll go to burger king and eat some cheap ass meat.
I'll shove down my throat a bunch of food, greasy and fried.
'Cause I don't care what goes in me, it's about what's on the outside.

It doesn't really matter if I'm happy, or healthy, as long as I maintain the appearance of being wealthy.
Which, by the way, is completely untrue.
I have about as much debt as one person can accrue.
But I gotta great plan to get all my money back,
I'll have more cash than scarface after I start slanging crack.

On second thought, drug-dealing might be kinda spotty.
I'd be able to make more money if I just sell my body.
Since my body was free, all my revenue is profit.
So I can carelessly spend all the cash that I make off it.
It don't matter if I get another STD, I love money too much,
'cause I'm so fucking greedy.

If I had a million dollars, I'd want a million more,
'cause there's really nothing in the world worse than being poor.
I notice some of you laughing, and that's ok, but before I let you go, I just have to say:

Consumerism and greed, are horrible habits.
The only carats that you need, are those you feed to rabbits.
Love is all that matters, not diamond rings.
So try not to obsess about material things.

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