Drunk On Oil

Lorne Clarke & Tom Flannery
Language: English

I love the smell of oil in the morning
it smells like victory
I love the site of a balance sheet
smiling back at me
I love Haliburton and Carlyle
they know my favorite song
I love the sights of Saudi land
just don't bring the wife along

I'm drunk on oil
and I might get sick
I'm drunk on oil
and you're up a creek
you say I'm dumb that may be true
but look at me and look at you

I love my daddy and his friends
they've treated me so well
bought me a toy model oil rig
I'm a oil man nonpareil
I love the prince I love the sheik
but I don't like that Saddam
he tried to kill my daddy
so I turned his country into sand


I'm gonna stay here 4 more years
hope Dick stays alive that long
I know his heart is in it
it's his back that ain't that strong
back and forth to the bank all day
it's gotta take a toll
God Bless the World Trade Centers
God Bless the US Cole

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