Friendly Fascism

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the end of the twentieth century and the arrival of friendly fascism. Regrettably, millions will die as before. But just think of the tremendous selection and savings you’ll gain. Of course the loss of freedom and democracy are tragedies, I know, but consider the entertainment value contained within. And to remind you, it is you, the people, who have mandated this course of our fate so please come with me….

Look at the new face of power in America.
This is your future. You can never leave.

Who said tyranny can’t be fun?
Friendly fascism having so much fun.
What else do you need?
You’ll learn to like what you must do.
If you resist you are suppressed.
You are told who to fight and when
By Bush the Nazi fascist friend.
Alienating technology wipes out our sense of community.
Millions will die just as before.
We disconnect and start the war.
We make life a commodity.
We turn animals into machines.
Kinder and gentler slaughter house.
Big business and government
Distract us with entertainment.
They manufacture our consent
While we destroy the environment.

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