End Of The Rainbow

Niss Puk Band
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Times Are Gonna Get Harder”, Folkways Records
Times Are Gonna Get Harder
Get ready brothers and sisters
there's a war a-comin'
can't you perceive the mongers shoutin’
madmen are on power

Hearts a-gonna stop poundin'
flowers a-gonna stop growin'
earth's a-gonna stop turnin'
no hand or foot will stir inside the shell of silence

Angels of annihilation will come down
through the bomb-blotched air
with iron faces reflectin' the spiral of terror
and grindin' tanks of roarin' scorn

Flames and smoke will errupt from bare woods and burnt
out cities
where armies clash in sudden blackness
tocsins will ring in the end of the human race
and no ship will return from the oceans of blood

Will this be the end of the rainbow?
Will this be the end of mankind's dreams?

Bomb dust over sleep villages
grenades in children's bellies
explosions that'll erase whole cities
its heat will melt the snow of the poles

Mother Earth ripped open by bomb blasts
bowed by the weight of throbbin' meat
sprinkled gently with fall out
death and power in shape of mushroom clouds

Politician's noble speeches fester like dirty sores
don't listen to the rubbish they talk
they don't know how to handle our future
with nuclear weapons, sacred prayers, national pride
and shattered truth

When shall we learn not to worship cold metal
to stop wastin' money on armament race
it won't make this world a safer place
all you faint hearts and deaf ears:
Be aware!

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