Don't Obey

Scott Ainslie
Lingua: Inglese

As it was in Hitler's Army and Stalin's awful crew,
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Pearl Harbor too;
Across the sweep of history - There's a truth they never tell:
There's more horror in obedience than there'd be if we'd rebel

So, when they speak to you of glory, and colors bright and true;
And using words like 'good and evil' say it all comes down to you;
When they offer you a weapon and send you out into the fray,
Don't Obey. Don't Obey.
Don't Obey.

From Selma to Sharpeville; Chicago to Bei Jing;
From Kent State to Tiananmen Square; We cry out; we bleed.
From Tolstoy to Gandhi; and Gandhi to King.
From Malcolm, and Mandela, and Biko to me.


Aren't those your loved ones - huddled against the wall?
Can't you hear the windows shatter? Feel the building start to fall?
Something's gone wrong with us all -
There's shooting in the alley, footsteps in the hall.

If every sin were tallied, if every mother knew
Just exactly what they're asking; exactly what you do;
How long do you think they'd stand there, with their hands by their sides?
Even all wrapped up in bunting - A lie is still a lie.


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