The Hunting Song (Animals Love Vegetarians)

Gerri Gribi
Language: English

Each fall in Wisconsin, a man's duty is quite clear
He leaves the comfort of his home
to stalk the ferocious deer
They arrive in armored divisions,
with a year's supply of booze
Not content to just shoot at the animals,
they shoot each other too

Animals love vegetarians,
and the reason is plain to see
I don't shoot at the animals,
and they don't shoot at me

Old farmer Johnson gets worried right about now
Last year some Chicago fella
shot the ear right off his milking cow
So he's bought a bucket of bright orange paint,
knows just what he's gotta do
Gonna paint old Nelly from front to rear:

It's autumn in the northwoods,
and despite the snow and ice
The forest soon'll be ringing out
with the sounds of a hunters' paradise
One fella shot his Chrysler, after shooting out his TV
And another one winged his brother,
'cause he thought he was a deer sittin' up in a tree

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