The King Bleeds Oil

Reagan Babies
Lingua: Inglese

Follow your leaders to war and then back,
Just give us what we want and we won't attack
Don't ask questions but believe it, no doubt
We'll kill the ones we can and we'll buy the rest out.

The King's got you sold that God wants war
He's backed up by the TV anchor media whore
You've gotta go along or else you're not loyal
But when you cut him open the King Bleeds Oil.

Hey, kids, don't believe in their lies,
Moloch the Great has you hypnotized
Court rooms, asylums, a shot to your vein
They're the ones that are insane,
They're the ones that are insaneā€¦

[Sample] (1)

Puppets, priests, penitentiary,
Washington, Wall street, university,
policemen, profits in the factory,
we're mass marketing a dysfunctional democracy..

[Spoken words] (2)

(1) Samples are from William Burroughs.
(2) Spoken word by DA Butcha.

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