Christian Militia

New Model Army
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Canzone dedicata, più che alla guerra in sè, al settarismo religioso che porta al razzismo ed al conflitto.
There's a witch hunt coming, screaming out on it's rebirth
There's a crusade coming, Hellfires back here on earth
See the light in their eyes shine, listen to their words like swords
The Christian militia is marching now
There's a witch hunt coming, born out of all the American fears
There's a new purge coming, an inquisition for all of us here
Hold onto your sanity as best you can
While some Hitler claims to speak for the Son of Man
The Christian militia is marching now
Hatred makes the adrenaline flow
Stir up the fire watch it grow
Everybody loves a righteous cause
Old lives forgotten in holy wars
Everything forgotten in holy wars

There's a nightmare coming, shut up your doors close your mind
There's a nightmare coming - Born Again, born again blind
The girls show the way, then show us their legs
With American showbiz razzmatazz
With sex in one hand and a gun in the other, Christ returns
The right-wing respectable clampdown clan
Find their figure head in a holy man
Here come the Christians an hysterical mob
Worshipping the Devil in the name of God
Worshipping the Devil in the name of God

Contributed by Ferdinando - 2004/12/6 - 16:51

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