Hard Hard Times

Eric Bogle
Language: English

Album "Eric Bogle Songbook 1"

Una canzone sulla condizione degli aborigeni in Australia.
Essi chiamano il loro paese "Terra del tempo dei sogni", la terra che è stata loro consegnata al tempo della Creazione...
Un sogno che con l'arrivo dei bianchi si è trasformato in un incubo...
It's hard times living in the lucky country
Hard hard times
Black man say, Poor fella my country
Hard hard times

Jackie's on the street with his bottle of grog
Hard hard times
He'll try and bite you for a couple o' bob
Hard hard times
His dreamtime people run wild and free
Pitjantjatjara, Aranda and Gurindji
But the dreamtime's finished and so is he
Hard hard times

Poor Jackie's a stranger in his own land
Hard hard times
Living in a world he can't understand
Hard hard times
Wrecked and drowning in a sea of grog
His pride and self-respect's been robbed
Worse off than a white man's dog
Hard hard times

It's birds have fled from the rocks and trees
Hard hard times
The land is sick from white man's disease
Hard hard times
The lust and greed does them betray
They rape the land to make it pay
The black man just got in their way
Hard hard times

The black man's dreamtime's dead and gone
Hard hard times
The white man's dreamtime marches on
Hard hard times
They tried to make you civilised
They just don't seem to realise
What they touch they bastardise
Hard hard times

Contributed by Alessandro - 2009/9/19 - 16:14

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