The People Have Spoken

Tommy Sands
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Let the Circle Be Wide"
The people have spoken, a new day is dawning
The people have spoken, and new day has come
The past nearly broken, the chorus is calling
The people have spoken, it’s time to move on

I hear people say that if your day is coming
Some people feel that their day is done
Well I say the sun shines on all or on no one
If darkness is over, a new day will come

The people have spoken, a new day is dawning
You take a short step on a road that is long
So live and let live on that journey together
The people have spoken, there’s work to be done

So lay down your arms and your words of destruction
Your tanks and your guns, they have all had their say
The arms we were given the day we were born
Were to love and discover, to find a new way

And don’t sing the songs of the wrongs we have suffered
Till first we can hear of the wrongs we have done
And together we’ll write a new song for tomorrow
It’s then, only then, that our day will come.

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