Waiting For Peace

Sara Marlowe
Language: English

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A song written at the beginning of the most recent invasion of Gaza when peace seemed more remote than ever.
Walk around each day in a daze wondering what the news will be
Another week, another month, another year, all an eternity
And all around the world carries on
While I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for peace

Another headline, another story, another heartbreak, and other guessing game
It’s getting harder to believe yourself saying everything’s gonna be ok
And all you’re asking for is some good news for a change
While I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for peace

Now you’re left here to pick up the pieces and bury them away
Too bad it doesn’t hurt any less to find

Whatever happens now it will never be the same
While I’m waiting, waiting, waiting for peace

Contributed by Sara Marlowe - 2009/9/17 - 20:54

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