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Fred Stanton

Fred Stanton

The Music of Fred Stanton

"It seems like there are thousands of people writing ‘me’ songs, and only a handful writing ‘we’ songs."


Fred Stanton’s songs—along with his lumberjack voice and jumbo 12-string guitar—embody the political folksinging tradition. Fred has been an industrial worker (a welder of oilfield equipment; an electronic assembler; and a railroad electrician, hostler and brake person) as well as a political organizer and union activist. This life is at the heart of his songs—moving, personal ballads, rollicking satires, and working-class anthems.

Fred has been singing in concerts, union rallies and political protests since the 1960s. His union songs celebrate the struggles of strikers at Peabody Coal and Firestone, poultry processing workers in North Carolina and strawberry pickers in California. And his "Singing Cars," a Bronx salute to car alarms, has been featured on NPR’s "Car Talk" show.

In New York City since 1993, Fred has performed at the Fast Folk Cafe, Centerfold, Lauterbach’s, People’s Voice Cafe, the Open House coffeehouse and the Greenwich Village Folk Festival. He is a member of American Federation of Musicians Local 1000, the Songwriters Guild of America, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), People’s Music Network, and the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance.

Contact Info:

Fred Stanton
1901 J. F. Kennedy Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19103