Antiwar songs by Foddershock

Transcript from an Interview with The Foddershock.

Formed under the influence of alcohol in 2000, Foddershock released their first album- "Roadkill Expressway". A rather dark and haunting album, with tunes such as "Amphetamines and Grits", "Sock Monkey", and "Monster in the Closet".

"In 2001 we released our second album, "Ghost Of Lonzo". This album contains one our most popular songs, "Drunkards Go To Hell". The song "Jump In The River" is also on this release and was recently used in the independent film "Coming Down The Mountain" produced by N.Y.C.'s Cyan Pictures.

2002 brought yet another fine Foddershock album, "One Good Eye". Difficult to categorize, this album contains everything from distorted banjo instrumentals to fuzzy folk punk. "Angel On Dirty Sheets" and "Wings and Warts" are standout cuts.

In 2003, Foddershock released what is possibly their best album to date, "Black Lung & White Lightnin'"- an eclectic mix of tunes ranging from the bluegrass of "Fate's Runnin' Late" , the sarcastic pop-folk of "Use Me, Do Me, Love Me", to the flat out garage rockin' of "Cahoots"

In the spring of 2004, Foddershock invaded the independent music scene with their album "Inbreds From Outer Space". From the pessimistic barnyard drinkin' tune "Can't Win Fer Boozin'" to the flat out bong rockin' groove of "Stoned and Broke", this latest instalment of Dysfunctional Folk Rock is truly an eclectical listening experience.

Foddershock's newest CD, "Corn On Macabre", is finally a done deal! You can pick one up at the nearest Flea Market, County Jail, Goodwill Store, or Brothel. Around here, all those places are in the same building- an Appalachian "mall" so to speak.

Also, Foddershock's tune "Dyin' To Make A Livin'" (off the "Black Lung & White Lightnin'" CD) is going to be included on an upcoming Americana compilation CD featuring songs about the coal mining industry. Other artists on this 2 disc set include Dwight Yoakam, Natalie Merchant (from 10,000 Maniacs), Ralph Stanley, Darrell Scott, and Tom T. Hall. We reckon that's purty good company.

Acoustic Appalachian Dysfunctional FolkRock.. from the dusty black coalfields of southwest Virginia, Foddershock is a collaboration between two long-time friends- one that writes strangely truthful and surreal lyrics about the often sordid details of the human condition, and one that puts it all together with a unique and perfectly twisted blend of American roots music. Songs about love, hate, life, death, drinkin', and killin'. Sometimes tragic. Sometimes funny. Always interesting. Everything from guitar driven "Alt. Country" to "bluegrass" to a weird mix of banjos and walkie-talkies that can only be described as "southern banjer trance". Put John Prine, The Grateful Dead, Primus, and Camper Van Beethoven in a blender and you gotta a big ol' glass of Foddershock. Drink up!

So why this name?

"Wham!" was already taken.

Do you play live?

Yes, Pine Mountain Tacky Lawn Ornament and Pink Flamingo Sioree. Oh yeah... played at my cousin Bubba Epstein's bluegrass bar mitzvah, too.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

Our listening audience is no longer just our drunk friends and family. The Internet has allowed other people's drunk friends and family to listen as well.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Considerin' where we come from, a min(e)r label is more like it.

Your influences?

John Prine, Bottle Rockets, Whiskeytown, Bad Livers, Robbie Fulks, Jason and the Scorchers, the Gourds, Drive-By Truckers, Cracker, Paul K. and the Weathermen, Uncle Tupelo, Lonzo Perrigan, The Handsome Family..

Favorite spot?

High atop Cumberland Mountain and downtown Asheville, N.C.

Anything else...?

We dig beer. We dig pork. We know people who dig coal.

Equipment used: Anything. Everything. Guitar, banjo, bass keyboards, mandolin, dulcimer, bongos, clorox jug and jaw harp (among others).

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