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Antiwar songs by Pól Mac Adaim
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Pól Mac AdaimPol MacAdaim is 38 years old and was born in Belfast. He first became involved in playing music at the age of 9. Through the years he has learned to play in a wide range of styles including Folk, Appalachian, Cajun, Rock, Soul and Contemporary. He is also skilled in a variety of instruments ranging from tin whistles, Traditional Irish flute, Low whistles, Uilleann pipes, harmonicas, guitars (acoustic/Bass), Mandolin, and the Tenor banjo to Bodhran and general percussion in rhythm section. He has also developed vocals in backing and lead modes.

Pol began audio engineering 16 years ago and has been involved in producing music for the last seven years. He has played alongside some of the world's finest folk, rock and pop musicians from bands such as Shakespeares Sister and Seal as well as The Pogues, Delores Keane, Stockton's Wing, Brush Shiels, Calico, The Wolfetones, The Dublin City Ramblersand Bacaan. He has also toured internationally and shared bills with many of Ireland's leading artists, such as Davy Spillane & Kevin Burke, Christy O'Leary & Bert Deivert, Gerry O'Connor and the Moya Brennan band(Clannad).

His album 'Forsaken Land' won a national award in 2007 when it was voted by the Irish public as 'Best Irish Folk Album 2007'on the Dublin City FM show Sin e. Pol plays traditional Irish music, writes and sings songs of social, historical and cultural significance. He tours much of europe and has also toured in America. His debut solo album 'If we don't help them now' and second album 'Internationale' have also been very successful and are aired in 22 countries around the world. The albums feature Patrick Martin (Former River dance instrumentalist), champion Uillean/Highland piper and Tin Whistle player.

2002 saw the launch of Pol's acting debut in the film The Magdalene Sisters directed by the legendary Peter Mullan (Actor of the Year, Cannes Festival) from PFP films Scotland. The film was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Golden Lion award at the 2002 Venice Film Festival, as well as winning top prize in the Canada film festival. Pol was responsible for the musical arrangements and organising the band that perform during the opening scenes of the film. Pol can be seen playing a Bodhran duet with an Irish priest at the beginning of the film. The film addresses the totalitarian 'Magdalene laundry'regime established by the Church in Ireland. Women suffered physical, sexual and mental abuse by members of the Church during their incarceration in the Megdalene Laundries Ireland, which continued until 1995. It is based on the accounts of three girls who were forced to go there.

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