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Antiwar songs by Mary Boyoi
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Mary BoyoiSinger, human rights activist and aspiring politician from the Murle tribe of Southern Sudan. She was born in Malakal, Sudan in 1980, three years before the Second Sudanese Civil War erupted.
In 2005 she founded ABONA International, a small non profit organization aimed at supporting peace initiatives throughout Southern Sudan and providing assistance to women in violent and destructive situations. In the early part of 2007, she released her first album, "Referendum", an album aimed at promoting peace in Sudan.
It has been through humanitarian work & music that Mary found her passion – helping others. Mary has used her exceptional talents in music to shed light on issues and call for peace and reconciliation among her people.
In January of 2010, Mary was nominated by members of the Murle community to run for a parliamentary seat in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly in Juba. She was excited to take part in the first elections held in Southern Sudan but unfortunately did not win the seat. Since the outcome of the elections, she has been involved in Peace & Reconciliation efforts focused on addressing conflicts that developed in Jonglei State shortly after the April elections..
Mary is currently performing and campaigning in Southern Sudan to encourage her fellow Sudanese to prepare for the upcoming Referendum in January 2011.

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