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Transcript from an Interview with Ken Tancrus
In Youth Reference Ken's guitar and Calliope's keys found a kindred spirit in Bristol's programming and mixing skills. All three share a mutual love of the blues but have found instrumental music matched to moods and atmosphere to be their strength.

After playing the Midwest and selling cassettes out of the back of their cars, Youth Reference moved to Chicago where they were soon arrested for pandering. The fuse was lit! Big name artists based there in the 90's brought the band the opportunity to mingle and cajole with top musicians. Working day jobs in the broadcast news industry to make ends meet, the band soon realized it was taking itself MUCH too seriously! They lost the dreary all black attire and fingernails and embraced a much more hip, know-it-all attitude, popular with their peers. Once again they were arrested for pandering. After completing their community service, Youth Reference resolved to be themselves no matter what the cost.

Ken Tancrus from Chicago, Ill., do you ever play live?

Yes. I played with the band 'Youth Reference'

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

The Internet in 2004 is like Television in 1960.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'm not interested.

Your influences?
Wooble, Laswell, Monk

Similar Artists: Youth Reference
Favorite spot?

Venice or Prague

Anything else...?

Reviews: "The lyrics to both songs are a truthful dose of reality. "DDT is Good for Me" is a killer tune, punn intended. The music creates the perfect mood to fit the lyrics, a sobering dose of reality. I wish the music in the coffee houses in my neck of the woods had more of this kind of balls and originality, I'd be spun on Java for days. Good Job."

"When I clicked on the song "United States of America" and it fired up, I was excited. It was obvious that the recording quality kicked ass."

"You song 'United States of America' really rocks my world! Finest quality sound and a cool message."

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