Canzoni contro la guerra di Kaluyuti

Transcript from an Interview with Kaluyu'ti.

I love music and I love writing. The two go hand in hand. After spending a couple of years filling in as guest dj on CHRW Radio Western 94.9 FM I was exposed to lots of excellent Native American artists. However, the primary genre of music listened to by our youth is hip hop and alternative. And there seemed to be a great deal of angry music being put out. In 2003, I decided i would try to counter some of this music with my own writings promoting strength in culture and positive energy and with an aim to bring people together. We must educate non-natives so that they can understand our dispositions, and we need to educate natives on how we can change our image to the "greater society" This means that we need to control our drinking, stop using drugs and chemicals, we need to finish school and prove we can deal with a modern world while staying in touch with what our elders are teaching us. We have one of the most beautiful cultures in the world and we should not only be proud of it but flaunt it when we can as well.
Kaluyu'ti is "The Peaceful Warrior" and stands to unite nations through celebration, education and information. Kaluyu'ti is a Native Poet who is active in his community by promoting First Nations events via the internet and has also guest hosted "Smoke Signals" Aboriginal Radio Programming on CHRW Radio Western 94.9FM in London Ontario Canada. Kaluyu'ti has heard a great deal of distress, anger, hostility and racism amongst his own people against both his own people as well as non-natives alike. There must be a change in order for us to make a better world for our seventh generation. Therefore, he has come to recording his message in a format that will reach far more people than just writing poetry. The Peaceful Warrior is released on Demon-Eye Records in 2004 and produced primarily by Edward Ninham but also some tracks produced by Tristan Giallani.

Why this name?
It means Clouds Passing Over in the Onyo'ta Aka First Nation language. Our tradition is that we take on a name from a deceased member of our mother's side of the family. This name was adopted from my maternal grandfather.

Do you play live?
Not yet! but I'm looking to get out there if anyone cares to hear social commentary on our world condition.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I feel it is an excellent way to expose your music to those who know nothing about you and it is also an excellent way to find music you would not hear otherwise. Get positive messages out to the youth. The Internet is where they look for music among other things, so it serves as an excellent opportunity to connect with them.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Wouldn't anyone who had the chance..

Your influences?
Ice T, Run DMC, Litefoot, War Party, Red Power Squad, Bob Dylan, Godsmack,Buffy St. Marie, Johnny Cash,AC/DC, Steppenwolf, Rolling Stones, Joan Jett, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Schooly D, Commodores,and so many more....

Favorite spot?
Down by the river - whether it be a sunny afternoon or a breezy, moonlit night - nothing compares.

Equipment used:
Pen, Paper, PC, Magix, Acid, Mic

Anything else...?
Yes! Please, if you like something, vote for it. Also please leave me a note about what you listened to, what you liked best, and what you thought of the lyrics.

Official Website: http://kaluyuti.tk/