Antiwar songs by Pythia
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PythiaBrought together by a love of gothic literature and Metal PYTHIA are a group of classical and Metal inspired musicians who believe that music is a lifestyle that should be lived only by the brave and true of heart. Lead singer Emily Alice Ovenden is perhaps better know as a member of the No.1 selling classical act the Mediaeval Baebes and Classic FM favourite Celtic Legend. Drummer Marc Dyos and Guitarist Ross White from one of UK’s foremost Thrash Metal projects ‘Descent’ make up the composition team and with classical pianist Richard Holland, Tim Neale on Lead Guitar and Andrew Corfield on bass, PYTHIA are set to steal the Gothic Power Metal crown in 2009.

The name PYTHIA is taken from ancient Greece. The Pythia was the priestess at Apollo's oracle in Delphi who operated as a vehicle for Apollo's will. This is a fitting title as Ovenden’s lyrics explore the darker side of life, love and passion, dancing between this world and a world filled with gods, goblins and ghosts.

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