The Haight Ashbury Experience

Antiwar songs by The Haight Ashbury Experience

There was once a time when music was truly powerful and influential. It
was remarkably genius and beautiful and so creative and different from
band 2 band, yet there was a sense of togetherness that the artists had
which made them even more of an influence to the world. It was a time
when artists were more worried about making GREAT music than making
money, but, of course, with GREAT music comes dedicated fans. Take the
Grateful Dead, for instance. This band was arguably the most successful
touring band of all time who, for the most part, had no real backing
from major labels or anyone else for that matter, EXCEPT for their fans,
the "deadheads," the greatest fans in history! Then, of course, you
have the Beatles, who many believe are still the greatest band EVER! The
list goes on and on. The 60's and the 70's supplied us with some of the
greatest music of all time.....some of the greatest thinkers of all
time.....some of the greatest MOVEMENTS of all time! Artists stood for
something: a better way of living, a TRULY "free" nation. Artists
weren't worried about what others thought; they just made music from
their hearts and souls. The messages of these artists are still
relevant 2day. Compare the times. Back then we had the Vietnam War,
President Nixon, Blacks and women fighting 4 equality, and many more
issues. Now we have the Iraq War, President Bush, and Blacks and women
STILL fighting 4 what they deserve. The list can go on and on, not only
with music and politics, but so much more!

It is the intentions of one man, Scott Al-Tall, formerly known as
"Bilistic," 2 make sure great pioneers are not 4gotten. We now live in
a day and age where hip hop music is everywhere......movies, TV shows,
commercials, EVERYWHERE! Sadly a LOT of young people today have never
even heard a Beatles record! Can U imagine!?

It has been said that the most powerful tool is the human voice. I plan
on bringing back the voices of the greatest musicians of all time and
combining them with my voice.....combining their genius with my genius.
I plan to combine the most influential music THEN with the most
influential music NOW...combine the hippie with the hip hop!

As an independent hop hop artist, Bilistic has achieved much success.
He has sold over 18,000 units with no distribution. He has blessed the
stages & the studios with some of the greatest hip hop artists of our
time (nelly, jagged edge, ludacris, jay z, bone, naughty by nature,
etc.). He even performed at MTV Spring Break '06 and is set to do it
again in '08! He achieved all of this with NO financial backing
whatsoever! Unfortunately, with the way hip hop is going, tough, the
man behind Bilistic could see it was time 4 change. He no longer felt
proud 2 be a part of some of the ways hip hop was being controlled and
essentially ruined by the industry. Always the poet and deep thinker,
Bilistic's musical & personal life was taking a transformation which has
now led us to this. Haight Ashbury is known as the breeding grounds for
the "hippie movement," and now the artist formerly known as "Bilistic"
will forever be known as the man that started "Hippie Hop" and brought you one of the greatest bands of all time "The Haight Ashbury Experience."

It's time 4 change; it's time for positivity and knowledge; it's time
for HIPPIE HOP! In his own words....."I'm a hip hop hippie/a soul from
the 60's/inside the body of an 80's baby/ladies & gentlemen/age is
irrelevant/this is a full proof plan that will develop in/2 a way of


Scott Al-Tall - Vocals
Tk Neal - Vocals
Bryan Shapiro - Drums
Derek Tucker - Bass
Josh Kehler - Guitar

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