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Antiwar songs by Ritmi i Rrugës
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Ritmi i RrugësRitmi i Rrugës (The Rhythm of the Street) is one of the first and most popular and most successful Albanian rap group, who also pioneered the genre and coined the term Albanian Rap, to describe this merger of Rap music with original Albanian-themed lyrical contents. The promoter Memli Krasniqi, politician, spokesman and currently a member of the Democratic Party Of Kosovo, was born in Pristina January 25, 1980, son of Milazim Krasniqi, a political analyst. He has two sisters, Teuta and Bubulina. He is married to Meliza Mehmeti. They have a daughter named Bora. – He started his music career in 1995, when he formed the rap group Ritmi i Rruges with Arbër Reçi. Krasniqi started his political career sometime after the Kosovo War, and then became a member of the Democratic Party Of Kosovo in 2004. He is a spokesman in Kosovo's government, and also a deputy in Kosovo's parliament. He is also a member of the committees for education, science, technology, culture and youth and sports.
Ritmi i Rrugës have released three albums since then.They have fans in almost every part where Albanians live. Memli and Arber are now busy with their career, but fans hope they will be back soon, and even better.
Ritmi i Rrugës have released a great number of hit singles and they have performed all over Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and throughout Europe, in front of huge, largely Albanian audiences.

Official Website: http://www.ritmiirruges.com/