Transcript from an Interview with Remote Possibility
As the plane touched down on the Glasgow Airport runway, I recall making mental preparations for the 3-week adventure that lay
ahead for me as I trekked throughout awe-inspiring Scotland. Being the tenacious, relentless metal fan that I am, this trip wasn't just
going to be majestic scenery and copious Scotch whiskey. There would be metal, I thought to myself. So as my mate and I meandered about
the country in our economy rental car, fearing for our lives as a result of right-hand steering and left-hand shifting, I daydreamed of
the remote possibility of there being a wholly undiscovered underground scene taking place in a country greatly unrepresented in
the annals of metal history.
I was watching ESPN after work one evening, and when supper was ready, I left the TV on when I went into the kitchen. Minutes later, I heard a laugh track coming from the other room. Since I didn't know of any ESPN shows with a laugh track, I went back in the living room to check.
The TV was now tuned to "Married. . .With Children," and my cat was sitting on the couch. Now, I understand how a cat can operate a remote, but what was sweet little Lizzie doing watching that show?

Why this name?
I certainly think that's highly unlikely. Again, one of the paramount considerations in the public sector in an enforced settlement is the ability to pay, and it should be a paramount factor with other things being considered, but it will be a major factor if it is in issue. What the member is suggesting is, in my opinion, most unlikely to happen. I suppose it is a very remote possibility, but I just can't see that happening, because you have to remember that it's only in the cases where there is enforced settlement, not in the cases where there is voluntary agreement or not enforced settlement.

Do you play live?
The answer to that question is "yes"-even though, as the experts attest, it's a remote possibility. "The risk is nowhere near as immediate as that of a number of other common, pump-side behaviors, such as smoking or leaving the engine running while pumping gas," some of them say.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's cool to listen to MP3s (or watch movies) over the Internet. Often, saving this media, however, seems impossible. Hey, if it plays on your computer, it's on your hard drive. Once the file is fully loaded and with folder view set to show hidden and systems folders, searches for the media (.mp3 or .mpg). There it is! Naturally, I take no responsibility for any damage or loss of data incurred in the remote possibility that something goes terribly wrong.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It isn’t exactly a remote possibility. Would you take any lip at a club from some greased up, gel-haired, ass-waxing, pole dancing Raptors fan that looks better than you and your friends put together? I didn't think so.

Your influences?
Steve Reich Composer: used phasing of parts with an unusual number of beats per bar to create
a timeless quality yet still rhythmic. I think that influenced me on 'Battle of the Leaves'.

Keith Jarret: Jazz piano: some of his more esoteric work had a pastoral quality which I
tried to recreate in some of the tracks.

Yes: Close to the edge. Its an all encompassing and a totally absorbing experience.

Favorite spot?
Just returned from a fab weekend from CEBU and I must say I enjoyed BANTAYAN ISLAND immensely! Wish I could enlighten you on hoyohoy but just saw it off the pier and on their website. Not much help there but from the area its located, you might have the remote possibility of swimming in crude oil. Their mediterrean-bahay kubo look quite lovely but guess will have to visit another day.

Equipment used:
It is all top of the line professional DJ equipment. My sound systems are composed of top of
the line Rane, Numark or computerized. My speakers are powered Yamaha's and Yorkville.
My microphones are UHF Shure UT Series and Gemini UHF as well as corded mics. With
brand names like these you get a great sounding system. It is fully digital anti-skip technology. In the remote possibility that an emergency prevents me
from getting to your event, I am happy to say that I have a full backup plan.

Anything else...?
A dog brings a sand-covered sandal, someone finds the stump of a cigar, and the only area of colour on Bibi’s leaden face is the strawberry jam in the corner of his mouth. Shirley answers a call on a mobile phone that isn’t hers, and the swimming pool security guard gets a little closer than she would like. It’s time to go, but she no longer has the key to her ex-room in the Vidigal slum, and the coach to São Paulo is becoming an increasingly Remote possibility.