The Useless Eaters -an alternative metal band from Huntingdon (UK)- represent the voice of a people tired with the oppression and deceitful practise of governments and corporate enterprises whose soul interest lies in the furtherance of a draconian controlled world state in which our lives provide the resource and capacity to ensure their survival. Ours' is a desperate plight to educate and to promote unity that is not bound by religion, colour of skin, geographical place of birth or material wealth, and to create a security for ourselves and our children to live and prosper in a world that belongs to everyone not just the elite few.


Why this name?
I decided upon the band name "The Useless Eaters", after reaching the conclusion that the large majority of the humans on this planet are regarded as slaves and scourge to be utilised or culled where deemed necessary by the "illuminated" élite.

While researching our history, I have found there to be several re-occurring themes within the practices of our governments and politicians.
Wide scale deceit, corruption, coercion,
Misrepresentation of historical fact for the purposes of propaganda,
Mind control, subversion,
The monopolisation of the global markets,
Genocide. Just to name but a few

In the west we have been indoctrinated by a compulsory education system specifically designed to dehumanise and debilitate our ability to think for ourselves.
We have been lulled into believing that we reside in free and democratic societies and that the officials placed in charge are fairly elected and representative of the people. We are told that we have a say in the decision making processes managed by these elected officials and that these people are accountable to us as citizens. Is this really the case? Or is ˜The political theatre' a stage where the misuse of power is concealed by the constant bickering and belittling between puppet figureheads (politicians) who spend their time deflecting and detracting from the truth rather than answering real legitimate questions.?.?.?

The fascist world state is well under way

There is a common misconception that the people running our countries are righteous, forthcoming and decent individuals with only our best interests at heart.
The fact that they may misrepresent our opinions to further their own financial and political gains is inconceivable
They could not possibly be corrupted by the corporate financiers and the opportunities that arise as a result of their positions of power Could they.?.?.?

While we may be able to affect small change at the local level, the real decisions regarding the policies of our governments are way beyond our reach as individuals.

It's Time We Fought Back!!!

Do you play live?
When possible... Looking at the possibility of doing live webcasts and web radio at the moment...

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think MP3's and the ability to make your own is a great invention, but music is about expression and not industry

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If it could help get the message across to more people, and without having to change the nature of the material then I would consider it, but how many record labels out there are willing to take the risk with anything other than "Teen pop" that just perpetuates the ignorance.

Band History:
In the beginning there was man and he was free... Then there was corrupt governments and rulers who ruined the world!!! - They created a hell on earth for everyone except themselves, and they made their empires on the back of Useless Eaters - Then The Useless Eaters fought back...

Your influences?
At The Gates , Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra - Dead Kennedys - Lard - Tumor Circus
Ministry, Neurosis, Alice Donut, Aphex Twin
Audioslave - Soundgarden - Chris Cornell
Benediction, Cabaret Voltaire - Throbbing Gristle, Disposable Heros Of Hiphoprissy
Godflesh, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani, Kreator
Megadeth, Nine Inch Nails, Paris, Public Enemy, The Cure, The God Machine, Pearl Jam, Prong

Favorite spot?
Mombassa, Kenya

Equipment used:
BC Rich Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Son Of Beast
Washburn - Signature Cutaway
Marshall Amps
Boss Footpedals
Yamaha DX7

Official Website: