Shelley Cherkis

Chansons contre la Guerre de Shelley Cherkis

Shelley has been singing almost since she could speak. She began college with a music scholarship singing opera. Although classically trained, Shelley has the ability to sing any type of music from ballads to pop rock. Two years ago, after going through an emotional period of growth and self-discovery, she started to write music for the first time. After singing in a couple of garage bands, she soon hooked up with Carl Glover, a producer and sound engineer who has recorded music for TLC and has engineered for names as big as Madonna. They have been writing and recording since the beginning of this year. The result of their efforts is a combination of songs that range from the typical fun and catchy pop sound that people of all ages will love, to the more mature song, involving a life lesson type of theme, to love songs and movie track material. What really comes through in their music is a love of life and the guts to just tell it as it is. The lyrics express a feeling or experience that people can relate to and the music and the voice stand out as not only unique in character but exceptional in beauty of sound and the ability to deliver real emotions.