DJ Monkey

Chansons contre la Guerre de DJ Monkey

joey alkes

jamal "lil'tip toe" cryer

Writer and co-producer, Joey hails from NY City.His credits include co-authoring the classic Pop-Rock hit "A Million Miles Away" recorded by The Plimsouls and The Goo Goo Dolls, and the Alexis Kortner single "The Sphinx. He is also a published poet.

mick mcmains

Jamal is the Rap voice. As a member of "Tha Low Lifes", Tip's credits include Rass-Kass-Van Gough, and Bass Azz "Word On The Street". He has worked with Snoop Dogg, Jelly Rolly, Soopafly, and Beau Dozier.

Mick is the groups singer, actor, and multi instrumentalist. Mick studied piano with Madame Friedenson. His film debut came at the tender age of 11 with "L'ombre dans la Glace", a Cannes Film Festival Award winner. After moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, he became lead singer of Earl Slick's NYC. Mick now resides in Los Angeles, playing guitar and writing poetry at his Cactus Hill recording studio.

ian mcmains

Guitarist Ian, one of the "kids" in the group brings fresh energy and ears to the sound. As Mick's son, hanging in the recording studio proved to be the right

mitch "count daddy-o" rafal

Saxaphonist and flutist Mitch is best known as the "man with tone" on all of Kid Frost and The Latin Alliance's two mega-hit CD's. Rafal was also the co-author of Alexi Korner single with Joey, and has lent his talent to Mellow Man Ace, Mo Preme, Selly Sell and Luciano with Rick James, and a host of other projects.

When the decision was made to bring in a scratcher, Mick asked Ian if he knew anybody. Ian's said the best DJ he knew was his roomate Jeremy, aka MR1.

and as a group.....

Joey and Mick met at acompany in Pasadena, California, became friends, and started working on poetry and music in May of 2002. They realized they were comfortable with the elements of spoken word verses combined with rhythmic heavy bottoms and (hook-laden) vocal choruses.

jeremy"mr1" roth

When commenting on his previous musical/writing experiences, Joey noted:

"Musically, I always wrote very simple changes. I learned my pop from Mowtown. My ability to write hooks comes out of the fact that I hear more like a listener than a musician. Spoken Word and Rap/Hip-Hop are a natural fit for me. I was into the mix of spoken word and music as far back as The Last Poets and Gil Scott-Heron. When rap first emerged I didn't perceive it as being that much different from what the Beatniks did with Jazz in the 50's"

They realized that rap could play a part in all this, so they asked rapper "Lil' Tip Toe", who also happened to be Joey's stepson-in-law to insert himself into the compositions. He listened to the music, and that first day and off the top of his head, give them first drafts of his raps.
So now, the group has the narrative spoken voice of Mick McMains, Joey's hooky, completely untrained scat singing, and Lil'Tip Toe's strong rap presence.
Mitch Rafal had come to LA years before, and his significant input added a whole new musical layer to the mix.
As work progressed in the studio, Mick's son/guitarist Ian's presence eventually drew him into the group, adding even another layer.
The addition of Jeremy's scratching talents completed the picture.
So, with a very hot CD,the group has received lots of excellent press, very good reviews, and continues to make airplay inroads.