Artist Info
David Elon Preston"David Elon Preston has a lovely country-sounding acoustic sound, slow simple melodies that exploit his soulful voice. He has 10-15 lovely songs ... including the lovely Freeman’s Farm, Come Fly with Me and Guinevere. The harmonies and folky roots remind me of Peter, Paul and Mary; the gentleness of his voice reminds me of John Denver. Great talent!" R.J. Nagle

Artist History

Dave played his first chord on a guitar at the age of fifteen - three years after the Beatles took the world by storm. It wasn't long after that he began writing songs of his own. Time passed, men walked on the moon and the Beatles broke up. Dave went to college, got married, and helped raise a family. Song writing took a back seat to paying the bills. The turn of the century came and Dave realized he was missing something, so he co-founded the band Waterloo Clyde and began performing publicly for the first time in thirty years. That led to a renewed interest in songwriting and soon Dave was recording original music to CD. Dave left Waterloo Clyde in early 2003 and started playing acoustic guitar and singing harmonies with the Misfit Toys, a Rochester, NY cover band, a few months later. Dave continues to do solo work and write new songs between Misfit Toys gigs. He has a small but loyal fan club. His songs seem to touch people in a special way.