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Canzoni contro la guerra di Peter Hicks
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Peter Hicks is a folk singer and singer-songwriter very much in the tradition of the likes of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger.

His songs have their roots in the everyday lives and experiences of everyday people, and in the issues of greatest concern to us all.

He sings about the environment, about the need for world peace and the causes of war.

He sings about the globalisation of capital, how it concentrates more and more wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, and how to resist it.

And ultimately, he delivers a message of hope. His vision is of a world where people can live and work together in harmony and co-operation, not conflict. A world where the needs of the many take precedence over the greed of the few.


Peter Hicks is a performer recognised nationally on the Australian folk scene. His work in the union, peace, solidarity and gay rights movements, together with his constant output of songs for issues of the day have been recognised on ABC radio, at folk festivals and clubs large and small and at rallies for environmental and refugee rights.

2002 has seen Peter step up to the category of international performer with a highly successful tour of New Zealand. He performed at the major May Day funtions and at other folk and bluegrass clubs and venues in the North Island.
Musical Horizons

Since moving to Tasmania in 1998 Peter has expanded his musical horizons and channelled his talents into many new enterprises. Peter has taken his interests in roots music - both Celtic and American into new levels. In addition to performing solo he currently has four working groups:

* Shake Sugaree blues and bluegrass trio working at the Folk and Blues festivals in Tasmania. Shake Sugaree has toured the East coast and appeared at mainland festivals.
* The Ranters a contemporary folk duo combining celtic, country and folk rock influences
* The Tasmanian GRASSROOTS Union Choir - which Peter directs - keeping alive the great traditions of union and progressive songs
* - a fun rock band where Peter combines talents on bass, harmonica, sax, keyboard and electric guitar!


The hallmark of Peter's successes so far has been commitment. Commitment to the causes he believes in have seen his songs published in international song books like the Wobblies' Little Red Songbook. More recently his song Hold That Line was shortlisted in the Australian National May Day songwriters award.

Commitment to playing and performance have seen his stature grow amongst audiences and fellow musicians alike across the country. Commitment to passing on "the music" have seen him involved in the union choir and teaching blues harmonica in adult education classes. Commitment to the folk movement has seen him involved in the committee to organise the Cygnet folk festival and editing the Tasmanian Folk Federation magazine Drumbeat.