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She has been one of the few yearly participants in the prestigious ASCAP Lester Sill Advanced Songwriting Workshop and received an ASCAP achievement award for 2003. Elly’s MP3 site counted over 200,000 downloads in the year and a half of its existence. Her song ’15 Minutes of Fame’, which is to be used as theme of an upcoming TV channel in 2004, received two international songwriting awards.

In late 2003, Elly was made official client by renowned legal firm Manatt, Phelps & Philips and is currently in talks with various record labels and managers, as well as publicity firms.

2004 is turning out to be a busy year for Elly. She is releasing her pop album ‘Intangible’ (Honorary 2004 DIY mention) independently in March 2004, while a special 4-song acoustic EP ‘Breakfast with Chopin’ will become available in limited edition in late April. Her long-awaited full-length piano & voice album ‘Music That Moves Me’ will be out in late May 2004.