Antiwar songs by 1916

1916© was formed with Kenn Gordon on Guitar and lead vocals, Mark Coleshaw on Keyboards and Anita Gordon also on Keyboards, initially as a Country Band but later as a Irish Folk/Rock band. This band played all over the UK for some 6 years and was wound up due to the illness, at the time, of Kenns wife, Anita, with Kenn having to spend a lot more time at home. When Anita recovered, Kenn re-formed 1916© , in spring of 2004 again with Mark on keyboards but now also on Bass and Slide Guitar. Anita also has taken new instruments up now playing Guitar and Bodhran along with Keyboards and Bass Guitar. Kenn now plays Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Harp, Bass, Bodhran and Keyboards still singing lead Vocals.

The thing that sets 1916© apart from other Would be Irish Bands who play The American chocolate box form of Irish music better left in John Wayne films, is the DRIVE and PASSION that we put into our music. It is with this reformed band 1916© has released in the Summer of 2004 This new album Spirit Of Freedom Undefeated the artwork has been done by Kenns son Lachlan. 1916© now have a 10 CD contract with Premier Records of Ireland and plan to release a new album before the end of the year their Christmas album having been completed in the spring of this year ready for release in November 2004. 1916© are a complete self contained entertainment package, they play Irish folk music, both traditional and contemporary. With a classic trio line-up. 1916© are not only fine singers but each member is a multi instrumentalist. In the past their sound has said to be like the Wolftones but with more drive and colour. This is a compliment that we accept with joy as a lot of the songs that we cover, are in fact by the Wolftones, a group that we have tried to emulate in many ways. and in the spring of 2005, 1916© are to play as support band to the Wolftones As said before 1916© play traditional Irish Music but it is played with modern instruments, giving it more drive and mass appeal. Its always fun to watch the change on peoples faces as they make another convert to Irish music. A lot of people’s idea of Irish and Folk music, in general, is a trio of musicians wearing woolly jumpers, cords and sticking their fingers in their ears and singing morose ballads!. 1916© do sing a lot of the same songs but have made them anything but morose. In fact their version of a Pete St John song The Fields Of Athenry has now been adopted by Several Celtic Football Supporters Clubs as their Club Anthem. We call our version of this song Athen-Rocks. 1916© has also been asked to write songs for a number of clubs and in fact did a complete Album for one club, Wim The Tim Celtic Football Supporters Club. The future looks bright for this Lincoln Based Trio of Musicians. A new album is in the works with at least another three in the pipe-line. The band has decided to stop playing Country Gigs and concentrate on what they do best Pure Irish Music

TRANSCRIPT from an Interview with 1916:

Why this name?
We chose the name 1916 so that it would instantly make us recognisable as a Irish Rebel Band after the 1916 Uprising in Dublin

Do you play live?
We play all over the UK and for that matter the world
the height of our career so far will be this coming May 2005 when we are support act to the Wolftones a band we admire greatly

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it broadens the hotizen for bands around the world making their music available to the four continents

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes providing they did not try to control what we gave away and what we sold

Your influences?
the Wolftones without doubt but with a Pogues flavour

Favorite spot?
Crown Bar Newmarket

Equipment used:
we line up like this
Kenn Gordon: Guitars(National Steel Dobro, Gibson Les Paul, Gigson 335 cutom shop, Yamaha AEX55, Yamaha FG645A, Ozark Mandolin, Ozark 6 string Banjo, Bass Collection SB3 Bass, Roland Pro E Keyboard, Hand Made Citern, Mandola, Bohdran) and lead Vocals
Mark Coleshaw:Support Keyboards,Bass and backing Vocals
Anita Gordon: Lead Keyboards,Guitar and backing Vocals

Anything else...?
We use a 10,000watt Mackie PA Sys
via a 32/8/4/2 Allen Heath Mixing Consol
alongside a 6,000watt Lighting Rig

Official Website: http://www.1916.homestead.com/1916.html