Serious Bizness

Antiwar songs by Serious Bizness
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Serious BiznessSerious Bizness erano Jaribu e Ngoma Hill, una coppia di afroamericani newyorkesi che scrivevano e proponevano nelle proprie performance quella che essi definivano “contemporary freedom music”.

Jaribu and Ngoma Hill, the writers, composers, and performers of Serious Bizness, have been writing and singing contemporary freedom music for the past four years. In the tradition of artists like Bob Marley, Bernice Reagon, Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln and Pete Seeger, the husband and wife duo blends catchy rhythms, tight harmonies and powerful lyrics into a vibrant message of social change. Their music, which crosses gospel, blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, folk, and pop, has been heard at street rallies, union halls, college campuses, festivals and clubs. Among their many
appearances have been, the AFL-CIO's Solidarity Day Rally on the Washington, D.C. Mall, the June 12th Rally for Nuclear Disarmament in New York's Central Park, the Communication Workers of America's organizing drive in Nashville, Tennessee, and the Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival in Croton, New York.