Crucial Crew

Canzoni contro la guerra di Crucial Crew
Belgio Belgio

Storica band reggae belga. Dal sito ufficiale si ricavano scarsissime notizie biografiche:

During the period 1988 – 94 Crucial Crew used to be a live reggae band, playing material that was based on the Studio One catalogue.

Today Crucial Crew exists of :
Popa Grassie : vocals, bassguitar, synthesizer, composer, programming
Pat Flashman : backing-vocals, synthesizer, dubbing & (re)mixing
Tess : vocals


Maggiori notizie si hanno sul leader e fondatore Pat Flashman:

Pat Flashman is one of the pioneers of reggae-music in Belgium. In 1977 Pat and Ras Feel built the first Belgian reggae sound system, King Flashman Elektro. In the 80s Pat was the drummer of King Flashman’s Live Reggae Band. From 1988 until 1994 Pat played the drums for Crucial Crew.
Nowadays Pat makes dub-music with his computer, using samples and sometimes live musicians.