Antiwar songs by Godmother

From her website: http://thegodmother.net/

Who is the Godmother ?

Well isn't that a good question!
We all know what the word "godmother" means. It's a woman who is somebody's godparent, a woman who sponsors a person at Christian baptism. But in our case, the Godmother is just a person who writes songs - music and lyrics.

You may ask, if this person is really a woman, or some man covered by a woman's nickname, or even a she-male.

You may want to know her name.

You may wonder how old is she supposed to be.

Or you may ask what her nationality is. Is she from Asia? Or does she come from a land down under? Is she an American, or a European? And if she's a European, from which European country does she come from?

You may wonder if it's her own voice you hear singing her song.

No matter how reasonable these questions are, they won't be answered here.

However there is some info about the Godmother:

She is quite sarcastic.
She doesn't like to talk about herself.
She really loves what she's doing and believes what she says.
She and her friends wants you to get the Packet and pass the word.
That's all for the moment!