Rohan Madison

Antiwar songs by Rohan Madison

Rohan Madison's music has been described as epic, inspirational, dramatic and original, a musical style of layered electronica, guitar and vocals with strong emotional and at times conscionable lyrics.

He was born and raised in Canberra, Australia, where he first started to explore electronic music in his teens by using computer music software, tape machines and old analogue synthesizers. Whilst in college, he won a certificate for musical achievement. At 17 he worked as a sound engineer for Canberra Theatre, while gaining his political and environmental voice working for Greenpeace.

A couple of years later he moved to Sydney to study Music Production at the School of Audio Engineering. He found a vibrant but largely underground electronic music scene there and began producing his own material, recording bands, and DJ'd.

When Rohan Madison first made it to London he got involved in small studio projects and later joined a trip hop band called Blue, where he co-wrote and produced all the material. The band signed to Big World Publishing, but split six months later. He then joined the BBC as sound engineer whilst concentrating his energies into a solo career.

Rohan Madison writes, performs and produces his own material.

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