Ian McCalmanIan McCalman was born in Edinburgh, 1946. He was one of the founder members of "The McCalmans" which was formed in 1964. Originally studying Architecture and Photography, he has toured all over the world with "The Macs", with whom he has recorded 24 albums. "The McCalmans" received the "Hamish Henderson award for services to traditional music" and they've just received "Best live act of 2006" from "The Scots Trad Music Awards". Ian has also taken photographs for over 60 albums. In addition to his many "group" albums, "Greentrax" recently released the critically acclaimed "McCalman Singular" which is an album of Ian's songs sung by friends. Ian is married and lives with his wife, Ellen, in Lasswade, just south of Edinburgh, where he has his studio, "Kevock Digital" which has now produced over 100 albums. His son, Jamie, graduated from Queensland University, Australia, in December, 2006. Ian is still "on the road" but will only take a maximum of 80 gigs per year which he says "buys time at home".His romantic view of touring was summed up by his statement: "I'm just a long-distance driver who has to sing at the end of his day's work".