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Antiwar songs by Evan Greer
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Evan GreerEvan Greer is twenty-three years old and lives somewhere between the Greyhound bus and your couch. Equally at home leading singalongs in a union hall or sweating in a basement punk show, his lyrically driven and energetic songs speak to rebellious people of all generations. His powerful voice and presence often lead him to leave the microphone and stage and stand facing the crowd with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a whole lot of passion.
Evan is a founding member of the Riot-Folk! Collective, and has toured internationally, sharing stages with artists like Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), Billy Bragg, Chumbawamba, Pete Seeger, Boots Riley, Immortal Technique, Pamela Means, State Radio, Anne Feeney, Emma's Revolution, and Mr. Lif.
Evan seeks to use his music as a tool for spreading social movements and building communities of resistance. First and foremost he is dedicated to organizing and activism, and uses his tours to promote and often fundraise for various grassroots campaigns.
In addition to musical performances, Evan has recently begun offering a series of participatory Social Justice workshops geared towards high-school and college-age folks - Connecting the Dots: Social & Environmental Justice Workshops. These interactive presentations weave together music, discussion, visuals, and popular education games in an effort to draw out the connections between different forms of oppression and struggles towards liberation. Currently, he offers these workshops:
*Connecting the Dots of Climate Justice
*From Activism to Organizing
*Radical Healthcare for Communities
*Climate Change and Mental Health
*Direct Action, Strategy, and Tactics
-ask about others!
Evan has no booking-agent, record label, booker, glossy presskit, shrinkwrapped CDs, or anything like that. If you are interested in booking a show or having music at an event, you can contact him directly via phone or e-mail.
E-mail: evangreer@gmail.com