The Gousters

Antiwar songs by The Gousters

Hi; My name is Walt Cronin. I'm a former Navy corpsman ( medic) that served with a Marine platoon in Vietnam in 1970. I'm also a singer songwriter. Our first CD "The Gousters" has a song called "only eighteen "which is a composite of experiences of guys I served with. My new CD has the majority of songs relating to my war experiences and it's aftermath after coming home. You can listen to the first CD on my website and if you would like I can mail a copy of the new CD ( and the first) which is in it's final completion phase. Please let me know if you may be interested in airing some of these songs or using them in some context. I'm also a friend of Bill McDonald from the Military Writers Society Association.Thanks,Walt Cronin

PS. I'm a member of Veterans for Peace