Douglas Stambler (D. Glas)

Antiwar songs by Douglas Stambler (D. Glas)

D. Glas (Douglas Stambler) was born and raised in Connecticut. He started playing music at three years old, and at age twenty-six, he studied voice. Because of his world travels, his music has a diverse flavor.

D. Glas spent several years entertaining the younger set as a children's entertainer. He has also entertained senior citizens across America. You could say he's a populist musician with a love of playing music for all people.

D. Glas continues to explore musical ideas that add to his performances and his recordings. His other interests in sustainable living and politics have led to interesting and sometimes provocative songwriting.

Well-rounded is the best description for this musician, singer and songwriter.

"Something for everyone - folk, pop, instrumentals, jazz, comedy, a story, kids songs, new wave, piano tunes, classical, Native American, country, French, world music, western."

"What a huge variety of styles! From Country to Classical, smooth Latin Jazz to quirky comedy."

"A mixture of delightful things and this is
real music to the ears."

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"His music amuses, entertains, uplifts, soothes, and impresses upon the heart. Douglas learned early that music could heal the soul and bring comfort and perspective to life. He speaks openly of the sexual abuse he had to overcome as a child, about the healing properties of music, and his ideas about making money with music. If you want your heart to completely melt with pure, searing pathos, listen to 'I Lost My Horses to the Moon.'"