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Lynx, or Emcee Lynx [1] is an anarchist hip hop artist from Oakland, California in the San Francisco Bay Area who has achieved significant popularity and name-recognition in the West Coast hip hop and underground hip hop scenes and among anarchists and other radicals around the world. In 2006, he was described by Donegal Press magazine as "without a doubt one of the hottest rappers in the underground hip-hop scene today" and was described as "The next KRS-1" and the successor to House of Pain.[2]

He holds a BA in Political Science from San Francisco State University[3] and uses his music and writing to advocate for political and social change. He often performs at anti-war and other demonstrations, along with fund raisers and benefits for radical causes and groups. He has also recorded songs for benefit albums in support of various groups, including the Anarchist Black Cross and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

All of his music is independently produced and released free of charge on his website as MP3s under a Creative Commons license[4]. Fans are encouraged to donate via his website but it's entirely optional. He is an outspoken supporter of file sharing and has stated that he looks forward to the day when file sharing and other decentralized means of distribution finally bankrupt the recording industry and leave issues of payment to be decided directly between artists and fans.[5].



* Stirring it Up: The New Dissenters - YFilms, USA. 2007.


* Music For The Resistance - Circle-A Records, USA. (2002)
* No Idea Compilation - 1312 Group, USA.(2002)
* The Nonviolence or Nonexistence - Utopian Records, USA.(2002)
* Warnography - Love and Rage Records, Australia. (2004)
* Hiphoplogia: CD Anticarcelario - Libertad Anarchist Press, Spain and Chile. (2004)
* States of Abuse Compilation - Entartete Kunst, USA and UK.(2005)
* Def Sentence' - Books to Prisoners, USA. (2005)
* We're out here for them! ABC Do it Together Compilation Anarchist Black Cross, Germany. (2006)
* Apocalypse - Urban Underground, USA. (2007)
* Phoney Phaves - Phoney Tapes, Germany. (2007)
* A Line In The Sand - Wyld Stallion Records, benefit for Iraq Veterens Against the War. (2007)


* Soundtrack for Insurrection I (2001)
* Soundtrack for Insurrection II (2002)
* The Black Dog EP (2003)
* The Unamerican LP (2004)
* Living in the Shadow (2005)
* Beltaine's Fire: The Weapon of the Future (2007)

International reprints

* Soundtrack for Insurrection (2002) Czech Version. Contains tracks from Soundtrack 1 and 2, reprinted as a benefit for the Prague Anarchist Black Cross
* The Black Dog LP and The UnAmerican LP were reprinted in Jakarta, Indonesia in (2004) as a benefit for local political prisoners.
* The UnAmerican LP was reprinted in Cologne Germany by Phoney Tapes in (2005) as a benefit for "Le Sabot," an Anarchist book store in Bonn.
* The UnAmerican LP and Living in the Shadow had three separate reprints in Portugal, Poland, and Romania as fund raisers for local anarchist groups in each area in 2006.

Additional Links:

* htpp:// Official website, including free downloads, a discography, information about upcoming appearances, interview transcripts, his blog, etc.
* Beltaine's Fire website, includes show listings and link to download their current album.

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