Red Zelenka

Antiwar songs by Red Zelenka

Related to Jan Dismas Zelenka the Czech Composer of the Baroque Era. From iambic pentameter to nanometer laser light to 10 Meter Satellite Earth Stations (including one for Arthur C. Clarke, the Sci-Fi writer of 2001 Space Odyssey and father of the satellite industry). John surfs waves. He has worked with the finest musician to compose music spanning the gamut from rock to jazz to classical. Has designed Satellite Uplinks and Laser Shows. But let’s tune into the audio wavelengths. He released a jazz CD to critical acclaim. Guitarists study technique but style is the grail. John has a unique melodic guitar playing style. He is an award winning 3D Photographer and avid motorcyclist. He is currently composing music on guitars he has designed and built. And he is chronically unemployable.