Pete KronowittPete Kronowitt is a independent music artist who has three albums:
- Phases of the Heart/1995
- Threads/2003
- elements/2005

'Follow The Leader' was written about the first Gulf War.

While staying in Atlanta, Pete heard a radio report that a Pakistani child, that was beaten up by her schoolmates. The other kids thought her father was an Iraqi spy...

Children learn from their parents and, in turn, we should examine the reflction of ourselves provided by childrens' actions. 'Follow The Leader' is on both the 'elements' and 'Phases of the Heart' albums.

'Now It's We' is the centerpiece of 'elements,' of Pete's third collection, which is an album of acoustic tracks. 'elements' spans from a sparse, sincere wedding song, to a sarcastic, break-up song.

Pete's first album, 'Phases of the Heart', was produced by John Alagia, best known for his production credits with the Dave Matthews Band, Jon Mayer, and Ben Folds Five.

'Threads,' Pete's second album, is comprised of 14 songs and produced by Pete Snell, who toured as guitarist with Lyle Lovett for six years. The album was recorded with seasoned, Los Angeles-based, Jazz session musicians at Tritone Studios.

Pete Kronowitt's website ( is a showcases his music, but is also a tribute to family, friends and passions. Pete works in technology and lives in Santa Monica with his wife, Natalie and dog, Walden.