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Antiwar songs by Icons of Filth
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Icons of FilthIcons of Filth released their first record on tape in 1983, called "Not on Her Majesty's Service." Between this first record and 1985, when they broke up, they released the following: Used, Abused, Unamused, Onwards Christian Soldiers, Braindeath, and The Filth and The Fury. They reformed in 1999 to many peoples delight.
The Icons the released Show us You Care in 1999, and Nostradamnedus in 2002.
Then on October 23rd, 2004, the great and legendary lead singer fo the Icons of Filth, Andrew "Stig" Sewell died of heart failure. This was a shocking loss and a very sad passing for the punk community. Following his death, the Icons decided to part ways for good. Stiggy's brilliant songwriting and terrific concern for good will be missed. Nostadamnedus is out now on GoCart Records and if you are lucky you can still find copies of The Mortarhate Projects CD (everything before Nostradamnedus).