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Canzoni contro la guerra di Nate Borofsky
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Nate BorofskyNate was born in 1974, and was not yet famous. He and his family lived in a modest home in Groton, Massachusetts. Days were spent harvesting cranberries, reading the classics in Greek, and occasionally frolicking with local wildlife, particularly the bears, with whom Nate had an uncanny ability to communicate. Sometimes at night, he would look up at the sky and dream of someday becoming a star, or at least convincing other small-town nobodies like himself that he was one.

Nate playing with
local wildlife

As with all country people, Nate's parents tried to give him a good education, teaching him about the land and it's abundant resources, but to little avail. His sights were set on grander things than making maple syrup and selling animal bones on the side of the road. In 1992, at the tender age of 37, Nate left home and headed for the big city.

Upon arriving, he decided it would be best to learn a profitable trade, so he began apprenticing as a folk singer. Nate studied with Ramblin' Sam Littlefoot, who taught him how to craft a perfect song, as well as be a bitter old man who hates anyone who's younger or more successful than him. At first, Nate wanted to keep his music for himself. He had learned about the pitfalls of the music industry from interviews he read with Eddie Vedder and wanted to keep his art pure.

The stock market crash of 1987, however, changed everything. Nate was forced to sell his lush Beacon Hill condo and move into the mean streets of Somerville, Massachusetts. Keeping his tender personal revelations to himself was no longer an option. He had to make money, so in April of 1979, he hit the stage. After playing his first open mic, Nate was awarded a Grammy for "Lifetime Achievement," and the rest is history.

Today Nate spends most of his days shuttling between his home in Somerville, and the capitals of the world, where he works to broker peace among the world's warring nations, often using his soothing and anecdotal songs to open up the hearts of hardened diplomats. Although leaders in both political parties have asked him to run for office, Nate has steadfastly refused, insisting that grassroots-level work is the only way to bring about real change.