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 Richie Brain aka The Reflector
Richie Brain, born Richard Ackon, aka the Reflector is a Ghanaian artist from Nzema Axim in the Western region. An afrobeat, afropop, highlife and a performer. Fastest Rising Highlife/Afro Pop Artiste, Richie Brain has expressed his disappointment in the absence of music censorship in the music industry making way for a comic character like Patapaa mud Ghana’s music name on the globe, making it a laughing stock to serious music lovers and business people in the world.
“Many great musicians have worked so hard to put Ghana on the music map but to have a music export like Patapaa from this country is a disgrace, a total joke and no one should compare my style and content to his” Richie noted in an interview when asked about how people compare his style and content to that of the “One Corner” and “Skopatumana” hit maker, Patapaa a.k.a. Patapeezy.
Richie Brain explained that the kind of songs he does are meaningful and tells a story as compared to Patapaa.
“In music, you don’t just record or write songs. You should preach a positive message because generally people listen to music to be inspired or encouraged themselves. There are the fun bits but there are morals we all need to consider as role models. An artiste like Patapaa should have his songs banned.
”Patapaa doesn’t even understand his own songs. How can you even relate your own lyrics in a song to tongues speaking when tongues can even be interpreted or explained? A good artiste must understand and be able to explain their own songs. He’s just a temporal artiste. He won’t last in the music scene and shouldn’t be compared to me. Legendary Meiway is the musician that inspired me and not patapaa. I have a unique style and shouldn’t be compared to him. There’s no sense in his songs and he has no long term vision as an artiste” Richie stressed.
The artiste who’s current released singles “Okotee boto”, and “To hwe” are receiving street airplay further stated that he wish there were some structures that can have us ban songs from artistes like that.
“Patapaa looks more like a comedian and should be acting comedy in Kumawood and should not be seen mudding Ghana’s music name with these products from him. Even comedy actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win is far better in music than Patapaa and I would prefer featuring him to Patapaa” he indicated.
Richie is currently busy working on his studio album but hinted he will released a minimum of 15 singles by close of 2019. The artiste recently recorded with reggae/dancehall artiste Buddaman and have also worked with DJ Titan, Popcicle just to mention but few.
“I am also looking forward to work with Freddie Maiwey, Wendy Shay, Sarkodie, Obrafour, Strongman and other rappers who have deep lyrics and good vibes. I have a strong desire to create a professional brand that will make Africa respect talents from Ghana and so doesn’t want to just associate with any artiste” he noted.
According to him, he is doing everything by himself which makes him faces lot of financial challenges especially in promoting his songs. On that note, the artiste said he’s open to working with any good label that shares in his career vision.
Touching on the industry, he said he’s impressed how it is still developing and how competitive it has become now. “We are doing good now. Our songs are very marketable in the world market now but the only problem Ghana has in terms of talent export is Patapaa. Music is no joke and we shouldn’t encourage jokes in the music scene” he stated.

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