Serious-Music (Germany)

Who is Serious-Music?
Serious-Music is no other than Inge Zimmermann Probst, based in Duisburg, Germany ..
Everything began before more than 20 years. Serious-Music took her first keyboard lessons there. After some years lessons she went onto "the wild" and composed her songs, arranged it and sang to them. There are usually serious lyrics, which concern herself. Serious-Music works in different genres: Softrock, Rock, Alternative up to Ambient and Electronics. Her motto: My music is "A Matter Of Feeling".
For many years Serious-Music has composed, arranged and produced her own songs. The themes are taken from real life and deal with subjects that each of us knows in real life.
The Internet makes it possible for her songs to be listened to widely. Without the Internet it would not be possible. In addition, cooperation with other musicians who are like minded, help to enhance Serious-Music’s compositions.
She also enjoyed a long term special relationship with her now deceased music friend and outstanding guitarist Marijan P. Horvat. Also collaborations with other musicians from the United States and Japan exist. Special significance is her collaboration-partner and lyricist Paul Dempsey from California, who talks the “same language” as Serious-Music for some years. They have collaborated more than 70 songs together to date.
She was also working with the lyricist Daniel Blaine Young from Wisconsin/USA, a former Vietnam veteran. With him, she made an anti-war album and 50% of the sale proceeds flow to the Salvation Army International for war refugees in war zones, and there followed two more albums. Furthermore: East Meets West, a group of US/Japan invited Serious-Music as singer. Then Serious-Music was working together with the lyricist Ed Millican from Michigan/USA at the album FALLEN and some single songs. Additionally, some CDs are available USA for sale. But even MP3 Downloads on iTunes and all major music portals are possible.
You can find all published songs (2006 until 2021) here:

Used equipment: Keyboard Yamaha Tyros, Technics KN 6000, different guitars and VST Instruments