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Chris ByrneChris Byrne co-founded the band Black 47 with Larry Kirwan in 1989 and, after leaving in 2000, founded the "celtic hip-hop" band Seanchai & the Unity Squad. "Seanchai" is Byrne's hip-hop stage name, loosely translated from Irish as 'storyteller'. Currently he performs at Rocky Sullivan's on Fridays and Saturdays. Current members of Seanchai and the Unity Squad are Rachel Fitzgerald on vocals, Andrew Harkin on bass, Terry Wetmore on drums and Jason Goodrow on guitar.

In 1996, Byrne also co-founded Rocky Sullivan's, a classic-style pub, in New York City.


* Black '47 (w/ Black 47)
* Black '47 EP (w/ Black 47)
* Fire of Freedom (w/ Black 47)
* Home of the Brave (w/ Black 47)
* Green Suede Shoes (w/ Black 47)
* Live in New York City (w/ Black 47)
* Trouble in the Land (w/ Black 47)
* There Will Be Another Day (w/ Seanchai & the Unity Squad)
* Rebel Hip-Hop (w/ Seanchai & the Unity Squad)
* Sunday At the Turn of the Century (w/ Seanchai & the Unity Squad)
* I ♣ New York (w/ Seanchai & the Unity Squad)
* Rebel Massive (w/ Seanchai & the Unity Squad)