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Jim PageJim Page (born 1949) is an American folk singer-songwriter and social activist.

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Born: Palo Alto, California
Raised: San Jose, California

Began playing guitar at 15. Went to New York in 1970, Seattle in '71. Changed street singing laws in '74. Went to Europe in '77, began touring and living abroad. Returned to Seattle in 1983 where he still lives. Has recorded over 20 albums of music.

After seeing him perform, Rob Bleetstein of Gavin wrote: “Jim Page is a lyrical genius with a guitar. This man personifies the word ‘free-flow.’ Page takes to the mic and the song invents itself on the spot; his talent is a natural wonder.”

Jim has shared the stage with Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Dan Bern, Michelle Shocked, Leftover Salmon, Robert Hunter, and Christy Moore.His songs have been performed by Christy Moore, Michael Hedges, The Doobie Brothers, Casey Neill, Dick Gaughan, Roy Bailey, and (yes) David Soul.

“More reminiscent of the Woody Guthrie I heard as a boy than anyone I’ve listened to in the intervening years” - Philip Elwood, San Francisco Examiner

Jim easily fits into the concert hall or the class room. Brian Tokar, Goddard College: “In Jim’s able hands, the rich tradition of topical song writing is alive and well in the late 1990s. His songs bring a phenomenal mix of humor, irony and lyrical brilliance to exposing the outrages and absurdities of our times.”

Or in the house concert. Peter Sussman, Duncan, British Columbia: “One of the best song writers of our day....the range of his creations is extremely broad. He must be heard.”

And of course, at the festivals sitting in with his electric friends: “The best had to be when that wonderful folksinger Jim Page joined the mainstage outdoor closer Leftover Salmon. He strums a few chords to get them started and then they build the melody up. Jim starts to improvise lyrics... And all of Leftover Salmon is grinning ear-to-ear. I’ve seen 1500-plus concerts and that moment was as wonderful a band/audience connection as I’ve ever witnessed.” - Dupree’s Diamond News