Geir RönningGeir Rønning is considered by many music critics as best vocalist in contemporary rock music, so he has got well deserved title - "The Voice". He has participated in such a bands as Toto, Prisoner, Radioactive and Sayit.
Geir was born in Norway on 5th of November 1962, but started music career in Sweden with Miracle project. First experience of Geir as songwriter lead him to the first participation in the Norwegian National Preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1994 song written by Geir was performed by Jahn Teigen. All in all Geir participated in 4 Norwegian selections:
1994 Gi alt vi har (performed by Jahn Teigen)
1995 Uten Lyst uten tro (performed by Geir himself)
1996 Uten De (performed by Geir himself) and Jennina (performed by Steven Ackels)
1997 Tenker pa dig written by Are Selheim performed by Geir himself.
In the end of 90th Geir starts cooperation with famous guitarist Tommy Denander, composes songs and performes at solo albums and in Tommy's bands. Later he participates in 3 more albums of famous guitaris Sayit.
Debut album of Geir Ronning "Forste gang" was released in 1996 in Norway, becides it he participated in about 20 of other albums with different bands.
In the beginning of 2000 Geir creates own band in Finland and in 2002 decides to participate in Finnish preselection with song "I don't wanna throw it all away". Same year Geir renews his band and tours Norway, Sweden, England, Romania, USA, Albania and Finland. Secong attempt in Finnish preselection is taken in 2003 with "I don't need to say". And finally, from the third Finnish attempt and 6th overall "The Voice" crushes all rivals and will participate in Eurovision contest 2005 in Kiev!
In 2005 release of second solo album of Geir is planned.
Besides music Geir is passionate football fan. Before turning to the musical career Geir played for many years for the team of his home town Alesund in First League of Norwegian championship.