Aslaug Låstad Lygre

Canzoni contro la guerra di Aslaug Låstad Lygre
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Aslaug Låstad LygreAslaug Låstad Lygre (12 December 1910 – 19 December 1966) was a Norwegian poet.

She was born in Lindås. When she finished her secondary education at Voss in 1932, she had already attended Fana Folk High School. In 1934 she finished commerce school in Bergen. She worked in the newspaper Gula Tidend from 1934 to 1935, and was a member of Vestmannalaget. From 1935 she had an office job, but worked part-time because of sub-par health. However, she also wrote both poems and articles in publications such as Gula Tidend, Bergens Tidende, Magne and Norsk barneblad.

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